Wi-Fi & Printing


The college has four wireless networks that faculty, staff, students, and sponsored guests may use. They serve different purposes and may require either configuration or registration of your device(s). 

Please visit iHelp for further information about on-campus Wi-Fi access. 


To print from your own computer, visit the iHelp site to download PC Prints. PC Prints is a system that requires all undergraduate and graduate students to use their PC Card to release prints. 

Undergraduate students receive $40 in PC Prints at the beginning of each semester. The system automatically withdraws from your PC Cash account when PC Prints funds reaches $0 or if the print job exceeds remaining PC Prints funds. 

SCE students will need to purchase a visitor card in order to print. Visitor cards may be purchased for $1 from the card machine on the main level of the library.  After the purchase of the card, funds need to be added to print. Denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20 are accepted, but the machine does not make change.  

Faculty and staff receive free unlimited printing. 

HP LaserJet printers print in black & white only. Xerox printers print in color and black & white. 

Printing costs:
Black & White, Single-sided – $0.08
Black & White, Double-sided – $0.05
Color, Single-sided – $0.50
Color, Double-sided – $0.50