Library Spaces

Rows of students studying at lamp-lit tables of the library.

Library Spaces

24/7 Space

Welcome to the 24/7 student Study space at Providence College. 

Requested by our high achieving students and requiring some creative thinking thanks to our modern Brutalist building, the 24/7 space officially opened on Friday, February 25th, 2022 with a fresh contemporary feel and colorful, comfortable, flexible furnishing. Supporting more than 60 students, the 24/7 Space is fast becoming a go to destination in the library and on campus card swipe access. Beginning at midnight when the main library closes, the 24/7 space provides PC students a safe overnight study space for those extra late nights, especially early mornings or all-nighters. 

It is providing an opportunity to explore new furnishings, room configurations and amenities that support student learning and overall well-being as an essential campus building with around the clock access. The 24/7 space additionally provides the library wiggle room with inclement weather, delayed openings, or early Closings providing students the destination away from noisy dorm rooms until the main library can open. 

The space also holds a group study room, available on a first come first served basis.

John E. Fogarty Reading Room

The John E. Fogarty Reading Room is located on the second floor of the Phillips Memorial Library. Students, faculty, staff, and community members can visit the reading room to conduct research using the Providence College Archives and Special Collections. From examining manuscript collections and rare books to exploring college history, all are welcome to visit the Fogarty Reading Room and use our collections! For more information, follow this link about visiting:

Visit the Fogarty Reading Room

This room is named after U.S. Congressman John E. Fogarty (1913-1967) who represented Rhode Island from 1941-1967. His family generously donated his papers to the college and this purpose-built room was included in the design of the library, which opened in 1969.   

Quiet Zones

The Phillips Memorial Library has several areas designated for silent study. The Quiet Zones are located on the first and second floors around the perimeters of the building and are clearly marked. In these areas, it is expected that patrons will keep talking to a minimum and use headphones while listening to audio. The library also has many areas dedicated to group study and collaboration. 

Conference Room

Located on the first floor, the Library Conference Room is available to reserve or on a first come first served basis. The space is equipped with a screen with laptop connectivity. To reserve the conference room, please email