Teach With Us!

Our collections exist to be investigated, explored, and used in countless ways. We invite students, faculty, staff, and community members to visit and engage with primary sources while applying critical thinking and analytical skills. 


Are you interested using primary sources in your classes? Contact us with your ideas! We are happy to collaborate on primary source instruction at all levels and on a variety of topics.  

Please request all sessions at least two weeks in advance for one-time, introductory sessions. For more in-depth or embedded projects, these are best planned prior to the semester starting. We request advance notice for planning purposes; the more time we have to plan to better experience we can create for you and your students. 

To schedule your visit or to learn more, please email Michelle Chiles, Head of Archives and Special Collections at mchiles@providence.edu.  

Sample Classes 

Below are just a few examples class types, but we welcome any ideas you have for incorporating primary sources into your class! 

Introductory sessions 

Intro sessions include a basic overview of the archives and archival principals. We will tailor a selection of primary sources from our collections to use in the class to explore themes and questions related to primary source research.  

Research paper or project 

For students to gain a more in-depth experience with using an archive, we can provide an introductory session and schedule follow up research visits with students or groups as needed.  

Extended project  

We can also collaborate on semester-long projects such as curating an exhibit, web-based projects, or thesis papers. We are also open to any and all ideas you may have!