Finding Aids

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  • Aldrich Microfilm Collection

    United States representative and senator from Rhode Island, financier, and philanthropist. Collection contains correspondence, journal, appointment books, drafts of speeches, memoranda, financial records, reports, legislative matter, scrapbooks, serial publications, and other printed material relating chiefly to Aldrich’s career in Congress. This is the microfilm copy of the collection held by the Library of Congress.

  • Alice LaFond Altieri papers

    One of the first women elected to the Rhode Island House of Representatives, Alice LaFond Altieri (1894-1976) served in the legislature during the 1935 “Bloodless Revolution,” a period of colorful political characters and dramatic reorganization of State government. The collection consists of political and personal correspondence, scrapbooks and clippings, speeches, reports and memorabilia, which reflect Altieri’s participation in State and local politics and in numerous civic and charitable organizations.

  • Edward P. Beard papers

  • Blackfriars Guild Collection

    The Blackfriars Guild Collection includes correspondence, films and tapes, legal documents, memorabilia, news clippings, photographs, publications, scrapbooks, and scripts, which record the history and legacy of the guild, giving particular attention to the Blackfriars theatre in New York City.

  • John V. Brennan papers

    The collection consists of documentation, photographs, and memorabilia of Marine Colonel John V. Brennan (Providence College Class of ’59). The center piece of this collection are Brennan’s oral histories of major figures and foreign affairs initiatives during his service as the Marine Corp military aide to President Richard Nixon and as his chief of staff during President Nixon’s post-presidency years.

  • Louis F. Budenz papers

    The collection of Louis F. Budenz, writer, labor activist, Communist supporter, and later anti-Communist advocate, consists of correspondence and an array of publications and ephemeral, such as flyers and news clippings, that he collected for almost 40 years on Communism in the United States and abroad.

  • William Henry Chamberlin Papers Digital content available

    The William H. Chamberlin papers (1861-1978), author, journalist, and foreign correspondent, consists of his personal correspondence, news clippings, publications, private journals, photographs and microfilm. The bulk of the collection is made up of news paper clippings (1925-1969) of articles that Chamberlin wrote during his career as a journalist, which reflect his conservative political view points.

  • Rosalind Y. Chua papers

    The papers of musician and pianist Rosalind Y. Chua consists of materials generated by Chua during the course of her normal activities as Professor of Music for Providence College.

  • George L. Cochran, O.P., Poetry Collection

    Father George L. Cochran, O.P., an award winning poet in his own right, had during the course of his literary career established relationships with a number of the authors within the collection and knew all by reputation. As a result, Father Cochran often exchanged or received autographed copies of works by various poets. What makes this collection unique is that each title, many of which are part of a limited series edition, is signed by the author and often includes a personal note to Father Cochran. The collection contains sixty-six titles.

  • Conley Photograph Collection

  • Coutu Genealogy

    No finding aid available. There are 3 pieces in this collection. Includes a genealogy chart of the Coutu family.

  • Rodney K. Delasanta papers

    The papers of Rodney Delasanta consists of materials generated by Delasanta during the course of his normal activities as Professor of English for Providence College.

  • Joseph A. Doorley, Jr. papers

  • Edward P. Doyle, O.P. papers

    In September 1996, Dominican Friar Edward P. Doyle, O.P., who also served in World War II as an Army Chaplain in the 104th Infantry Division (the “Timberwolves”), donated his personal papers to Providence College that related to his years in the military service, his personal witness of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp at Nordhausen in April 1945, and his participation in several Holocaust memorial programs.

    Listen to Fr. Doyle’s personal account of his role in liberating the Nordhausen death camp.

    View a short documentary film on the life of Fr. Doyle.

  • English and Colonial Trade Statistics

  • John Fawcett Cartoon Collection

    John Fawcett (1909-1992), editorial cartoonist for the Providence Journal, had a unique insight into international, national and, especially, Rhode Island events of the 1960s and 1970s. Fawcett’s talent was rewarded by frequent requests for his original artwork and by numerous awards, notably, from the National Conference of Christians and Jews for his fight against prejudice. The cartoons are arranged chronologically. (3,000)

    A 1978 book reprints 221 drawings selected, arranged and briefly commented on by the cartoonist. Copies of this volume are available in the Special Collections Department or borrowed through your local library. Check in your academic or public library for ownership of: Fawcett, John. Selected Cartoons, 1960-1975: You Make My Face Too Fat. Providence: Providence Journal Company, 1978.

  • John E. Fogarty papersDigital content available

    The collection consists of personal and constituent correspondence, photographs, public documents and memorabilia of John E. Fogarty (1913-1967), a Rhode Islander with national influence on the role of government in health and education. The 500,000 pieces pertain to legislation, Rhode Island affairs, constituent requests and, most significantly, various aspects of the health field. Correspondents include most of the major political figures prominent in national affairs during his service in the U.S. House of Representatives. As Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee for the Departments of Labor and Health, Education, and Welfare, he was involved with virtually all important federal health legislation from 1949 to 1966.

    View the photographs within the Fogarty Collection

  • Aime J. Forand papers

    The papers of Congressman Aime J. Forand, United States House of Representatives from the Rhode Island delegation, contains his private and congressional correspondence, awards, election material, photographs, and scrapbooks. Forand served on the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, and sponsored legislation promoting increased jobless benefits, relief to persons living on low incomes, and for charitable and non-profit organizations. In 1957 he introduced legislation providing not only an increase in Social Security benefits but also hospital and medical insurance for the elderly and disabled. Known as the “The Father of Medicare,” after his retirement, Forand was invited back to the White House to witness Medicare legislation finally being signed into law in 1965.

  • Edward J. Higgins papers

    The papers of Edward J. Higgins consist of correspondence, baseball memorabilia, Democratic National Convention memorabilia, news clippings, and investigative reports concerning the 1939-1940 wire tapping case involving RI Governor William Henry Vanderbilt and Pawtucket City Mayor Thomas McCoy.

  • Prose Poems of Peter M. Johnson

    Spanning almost forty years, Peter Johnson’s prose poems have been published in numerous literary journals throughout the country. The collection contains many of his early prose poems published in serials now no longer in print. For his poetry, Peter Johnson has received a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, a Rhode Island Council on the Arts fellowship, and his second book of poems was awarded the 2001 James Laughlin Award by The Academy of American Poets.

  • The John R. Kellam papersDigital content available

    John R. Kellam was a Quaker and an American prisoner of conscience in World War Two. He later devoted his life fighting against discrimination in general and in particular housing discrimination against minorities. This collection contains his papers relating to his work with the Rhode Island Committee Against Discrimination in Housing from 1950 to the early 1960s.

  • Kennedy News Clippings Collection

    This small collection is comprised mostly of news clippings covering events related to John F. Kennedy. Additional materials concern Robert F. Kennedy and Edward M. Kennedy.

  • The McDermott Record Collection

    The collection consists of 164 78 r.p.m. phonograph recordings of Enrico Caruso, John McCormack, recordings of classical music composed by Beethoven, Grieg, and of popular musical artists of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Additional recordings contain instructional Latin lessons.

  • Thomas M. McGlynn papers

    The Thomas McGlynn collection contains his writings, letters, photographs and a sculpture collection of around seventy original works of art. The sculptures are housed in the Hunt-Cavanagh Building, located on the lower campus. Manuscripts and related material regarding his writings-notably Vision of Fatima (1948) and the anti-racist off-Broadway play “Caukey” (1944)-are also included, as well as his draft of a book on contemporary church art. In the course of writing a biography of McGlynn, Richard A. McAlister, O.P., assembled useful research data, which is also available.

  • J. Howard McGrath papers

  • Cornelius C. Moore papers

    The Cornelius Moore Collection of approximately 200 pieces of early American Silver was one of the most important collections of its type in the United States. Accompanying the pieces, which were donated to Providence College in 1970 and auctioned off in 1986, was documentation regarding previous ownership, markings and exhibitions. Although the silver collection has been dispersed, copies of the records, divided into pictures and correspondence between the collector, Cornelius Moore (1885-1970), and dealers, are being maintained for use by interested researchers. Among the notable craftsmen represented are Paul Revere, Samuel Vernon, Samuel Casey and John Edwards.

  • J. Lyons Moore papers

    The collection contains materials relating to national and state campaign elections and conventions, including a wide assortment of memorabilia and private correspondence between party officials and approximately 200 prominent Democrats from the 1930’s-1970’s.

  • NAACP Collection

    The local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People played a significant role in furthering the rights and opportunities of minorities, primarily blacks, in Providence. Memorabilia, personal and official documents, and pieces of correspondence, especially numerous from the 1960s and 1970s, highlight services undertaken to further the goals of the NAACP in Rhode Island’s metropolitan center.

  • Newspaper Collection

    This collection includes the following newspapers or news clippings.

    • Microfilm of Boston Chronicle 1932-1939
    • Microfilm of Providence Chronicle 1939-1957
    • Colonial Rhode Island Newspapers
    • Reunification of Ireland Clippings
    • Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt newspapers
    • World War I Newspapers Collection
  • John O. Pastore papers

    As U. S. Senator from Rhode Island (1950-1976), John O. Pastore’s most notable achievements came from his active roles on the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy where he supported the peaceful use of atomic energy and in the passage of the 1963 Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, as well as the 1969 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Pastore also worked on the Senate Commerce Committee Communications Subcommittee where he sponsored the Communications Satellite Corporation Act of 1962 and the establishment in 1967 of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. His papers consists of correspondence, legislative materials, news clippings, reports, campaign and election materials, public speeches, press releases, and photographs.

  • The Presidents of Providence CollegeDigital content available

    The Presidents of Providence College collection is an online database featuring images and biographical information on each of the first eleven presidents of the college.

  • Robert E. Quinn papers and Oral historiesDigital content available

    “Fighting Bob” Quinn (1884-1975), after serving in all 3 branches of Rhode Island government, capped his career with a 25 year tenure as Chief Judge of the United States Court of Military Appeals. The paper files on Quinn are slim. The real value of this collection is a series of oral history interviews conducted from 20 June 1972- 20 November 1973. These tapes, which have been roughly transcribed, cover all phases of his public service. Of particular value are his comments on the 1935 “Bloodless Revolution” and on the local political arena up to World War II.

  • Quonset Point Naval Air Station Collection

    The Quonset Point Naval Air Station collection contains subject files, publications, scrapbooks, biographies, records and photographs which detail the function and operation of the base during and after World War II, until its decommission in 1974.

    The Quonset Point Naval Air Station newspaper, The Quonset Scout, is in the process of being digitized. The first issues are now available online with additional issues being added on a regular basis.

  • Rhode Island 11th United States Heavy Artillery (Colored)

    Rhode Island 11th United States Heavy Artillery (Colored): Digital Version at the Digital Commons

    Allen F. Cameron (1836-?) was a French-Canadian immigrant who enrolled in October 1861 as a sergeant in the 5th Regiment Rhode Island Infantry. By the time he mustered out from the 11th Regiment Rhode Island Heavy Artillery (Colored) in October 1865, Cameron had served as post headquarters aide-de-camp and attained the rank of 1st lieutenant. The collection primarily contains official correspondence that details the progress of the Civil War, life in the Union Army and treatment of black troops by white officers.

  • RI Board of Approved Basketball

    The collection documents the activities of the Rhode Island Board #84 of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials from 1922 to 2000.

  • Rhode Island Constitutional Convention, 1964 – 1969Digital content available

    These papers contain journals, proposals, correspondence, committee reports and other material regarding an attempt to rewrite the Rhode Island Constitution. In 1968 the voters overwhelmingly rejected the document produced by the Convention delegates. The collection also includes access to digitized copies of each session’s official Journal from the convention.

  • Rhode Island Constitutional Convention of 1973Digital content available

    The Rhode Island Constitutional Convention of 1973 was convened to amend the state’s constitution. The collection contains convention rules and other administrative documents, session journals, publicity, and research on the issues considered. The collection also includes access to digitized copies of each session’s official Journal from the convention.

  • Rhode Island Constitutional Convention of 1986

    On November 4, 1986, the people of Rhode Island altered their most important State document, the written compact with each other and with their government, the State Constitution. This basic contract was the product of one year’s work by one-hundred (100) elected delegates from a cross-section of the population, most with relatively little previous political involvement. The collection contains resolutions, staff reports, committee reports, legal reports, and documentation concerning the adoption of the new constitution.

  • RI Football Officials Association

  • Dennis J. Roberts papers

    The collection of Dennis J. Roberts, former mayor of Providence and Rhode Island Governor, consists of his personal and political correspondence, clippings, reports, campaign and public speeches, press releases, and photographs.

  • Social Justice Collection 1936-1942

    The Social Justice newspaper was published between 1936 and 1942 by Rev. Charles E. Coughlin, radio orator and leader of the National Union for Social Justice. The collection contains publish monographs of Coughlin’s sermons and lectures, and a complete set of the weekly publication, the Social Justice.

  • Rev. Paul van K Thomson papers

    The collection of Rev. Paul van K Thomson, former V.P of Academic Affairs at Providence College, consists of sermons, course materials, books and articles written by him, as well as news clippings, church bulletins, handwritten manuscripts, and annotated books from his personal library.

  • Urban League of Rhode Island

    The Collection tells the story of the League’s early trials and tribulations, programs, and successes and failures. It also chronicles the story of the National Urban League through the eyes of a local affiliate. And, lastly, the Collection is largely the story of one man, James N. Williams, the first director, who served for thirty years in Providence and participated in the triumphs in the battle for racial equality in this nation.

  • Anastase A. Vonsiatsky and Marion B. Ream papers

    This collection of books, phonograph records, maps, publications, and memorabilia highlights the activities of a Russian émigré group to overthrow the Soviet State and replace it with a fascist regime. Anastase Vonsiatsky (1898-1965) led the All-Russian Fascist Party from a Connecticut estate owned by his wife, heiress Marion Ream Vonsiatsky (1877-1963). U.S. entry into World War II brought an end to the movement.

  • William E. Walsh Civil War Diary

    William E. Walsh Civil War Diary: Digital Version at the Digital Commons

    Written from memory and notes, Walsh relates his experiences in the Union Army from his 1861 enlistment to his 1865 furlough. This is the 1st such reminiscence of an Irish immigrant uncovered in Rhode Island. William E. Walsh (1832-1907), a corporal in the 1st Rhode Island Cavalry, comments on Civil War battles (e.g., Fredericksburg), conditions in Libby Prison, prominent military figures (e.g., George A. Custer), treatment and performance of the Irish and other ethnic groups in the ranks, and life in the Union Army.

  • Charles Welsh papersDigital content available

    This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, illustrations, and news clippings acquired by Charles Welsh while he was the managing editor of the ten volume anthology Irish Literature (1904). Welsh saved these materials by loosely inserting them into his personal copy of the anthology.

  • Bruce E. Graver collection on John G. WhittierDigital content available

    The collection comprises a series of letters composed by John G. Whittier, 19th century newspapers, and various publications of his poetry and writings.

    For additional information about the John G. Whittier collection and an interview of Dr. Bruce E. Graver about Whittier view The Bruce E. Graver Collection of John G. Whittier Exhibit page.