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Research & Education librarians design and teach library instruction sessions tailored to fit the specific research and curricular needs of students in particular courses. Librarians teach methods of research, sources of information, database searching, selecting keywords, citation management and evaluation of information.

Examples of what course-related instruction sessions may include are:

  • Electronic database demonstrations with time for hands-on practice
  • How to choose and use electronic and print periodical indexes
  • Instruction in general and subject-specific reference materials
  • How to use the PC/HELIN Libraries Search
  • Internet search strategy and evaluation

You can schedule the session by reaching out to Library Instruction Coordinator Andria Tieman Michney (x1252). Please keep the following in mind when requesting your session:

  • In order to ensure a quality experience for your students, please submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure the availability of a librarian, access to an instruction space, and preparation of materials. Our library classroom is heavily used around midterms, so it can be difficult to get the time slot you prefer.
  • Schedule the library session during regular class time. You must attend the session with your class.
  • Both experience and the literature tell us that students benefit from information literacy instruction most when it is introduced in conjunction with a research assignment. Students should have a least a vague idea of how they are going to use the information presented to them before the session.  It’s best if the session can be scheduled right before students need to use the information, like before a literature review or annotated bibliography.
  • Please submit a copy of your syllabus and research assignment at the time of your request. These materials allow the librarian to prepare an effective and appropriate lesson for your students.

Also, please see the Creating Effective Library Research Assignments page for pointers on how to design research assignments that will enhance your students’ learning experience. You can also submit assignments to Research & Education librarians in advance, so we can make sure we have access to the necessary resources for the students to complete the assignment.