Library Research Instruction

A research and education librarian teaching best practices for researching in the PC online catalog.

Library Research Instruction

Research and Education Librarians are available for instruction sessions with your class on the following topics:

  • Crafting research keywords to enable more effective searching 
  • Finding scholarly articles and books in the library collection 
  • Getting material from other institutions by Interlibary Loan 
  • Evaluating sources 
  • Locating relevant primary sources 
  • Properly documenting and citing sources 
  • General Internet search and evaluation strategies 

Request Research Instruction

To schedule a session, you can:

Instruction sessions are held in the library’s Research Education Classroom (Library 233). 

Please keep the following in mind when requesting your session:

  • Submit your request as far in advance as possible.   
  • Requests for instruction that are less than two weeks in advance can be difficult to schedule and adequately prepare for. 
  • We are available to work with you to determine the best time for an instruction session based on the nature and schedule of the assignment your students are doing. 
  • Students benefit from library research instruction most when it is introduced in conjunction with a research assignment.  
  • Library instruction should generally be scheduled during regular class times. 
  • The presence of the instructor at a library research instruction is critical in order to answer students’ questions about the assignment and to demonstrate the importance of the instruction session. 
  • Please submit a copy of your syllabus and research assignment at the time of your request so the librarian can prepare an effective and appropriate lesson for your students.  

Instruction Resources

Instruction Request Form 4-Year Plan for Student’s Research Skill Goals Creating Effective Library Research Assignments