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Resource Requests

We like to get recommendations from faculty about books to add to the Library’s collection. We have a really easy way to allow you do do this!

Please contact us for information about the GOBIAlert system. On a weekly or monthly basis, we’ll send you a list of all the just-published titles in your specialty area. You simply click on the titles you’d like us to order. No forms are necessary! Just contact us, and we’ll set you up!

Go to this form to request that the Library purchase a resource.


facultyDIRECT is a library service that delivers a digital copy of any requested articles, microfilm or book excerpts (50 page limit) available from the Library’s physical collection. If we own the print version of an article or book excerpt, we can scan it and email it to you. Use the facultyDIRECT request form to enter citations for known items in our physical collection. For items not available from the Phillips Memorial Library’s collections, please see Interlibrary Loan (ILL). facultyDIRECT is a service being offered to current PC Faculty and Staff only at this time.

Office Delivery

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